It’s one of the most poetic times both in nature and in our lives; the awaited spring and summer, where everything blooms, and everything is so fragile and powerful at the same time. Flowers of the youth is the inspiration behind a new collaboration between Maanesten and jewelry artist Olga Bonne. The collection explores a feminine, floral universe with simple, golden chains, summer flowers, and alluring colors of corals and turquoises. Maanesten and Olga Bonne share a passion for organic shapes and quality craftsmanship, making the collaboration a perfect match and a beautiful reminder of enjoying the fleeting now.

Daisy Bracelet

1.150,00 DKK

Buttercup Earrings

450,00 DKK

Silene Earrings

850,00 DKK

Violet Necklace

550,00 DKK

Bluebell Necklace

1.800,00 DKK

Pansy Earrings

350,00 DKK