Maanesten supports Ukraine

It’s hard to find any meaning in the images seen these days; the Ukrainian people fleeing and fighting for their lives. We can’t stop an entire, meaningless war, but we can do our best to support peace and freedom.

Therefore, we have donated a quarter of a million Danish kroner (about 34.000 EUR) from our stock sale earnings in February to the Danish Red Cross, which protects and helps those in need.

The Red Cross’ relief efforts in Ukraine

The Danish Red Cross is present throughout Ukraine and is doing everything they can to help people in urgent need of relief.

Danish Red Cross relief efforts:

Distributes clean water, food and hygiene packages.

Provides protection.

Provides first aid to the wounded.

Provides psychological first aid to frightened and desperate civilians.

Distributes cash to families on the run.

Assists with water supply, support and equipment for hospitals and clinics.

Repairs vital infrastructure such as water mains and pumping stations.

Humanitarian help and support

The Danish Red Cross works day and night to continue first aid in Ukraine – and they will stay as long as their help is needed. They provide vital first aid and mental first aid. And they are ready with food and water, warm clothes, shelter and cash for the tens of thousands of families on the run, as well as with support and equipment for hospitals and clinics.

But the need increases every hour. They need everyone’s support to help the victims of the war in Ukraine – and to save as many lives as possible.