Zodiac Gemini Necklace 22. Maj – 21. Juni

Our new winter collection is an omage to the moonchildren and spiritual minds. It is curated with a feminine voice and power, according to the line of the astrological star signs. Each necklace represents the energies of the universe, the day you were born and its elements.

Your zodiac sign is yours to treasure and is unique to just you. Explore this beautiful selection of female zodiac shapes that lets you express a part of yourself and carry your uniqueness. Every sign has a story, and every story has a meaning. The zodiac women can remind and enlighten us about our strengths and weaknesses, let us learn and grow.

Reach for the stars and let them guide you with our new Zodiacs collection.

Gemini personality traits is:

Material: Sterling silver (925)
Length: 45 cm

Item number: 2586c

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