Secret Garden

Maanesten’s diamond collection ’Secret Garden’ is inspired by the shapes and sculptures of nature. The collection is named after Frances Burnett’s classic of the same name, in which the orphan, Mary, discovers a secret garden, a world of dreams, and wildflowers. Every piece is created in the finest quality and hand-made at a certified diamond workshop in Mumbai, India.

Olive Ring

5.200,00 DKK

Ely Bracelet

3.500,00 DKK

Juniper Ring

3.400,00 DKK

Maple Ring

5.300,00 DKK

Andrea Earrings

4.100,00 DKK

Anais Necklace

4.700,00 DKK

Nugget Necklace

4.300,00 DKK

Leafs Ring

2.900,00 DKK

Hazel Ring

4.800,00 DKK

Abelia Ring

3.200,00 DKK

Rain Necklace

Not in stock

Nuri Necklace

4.700,00 DKK

Nuri Earrings

3.500,00 DKK

Evy Earrings

3.700,00 DKK

Olive Earrings

4.400,00 DKK

Fiori Earrings

3.500,00 DKK

Frieda Earrings

4.500,00 DKK

Petal Earrings

2.900,00 DKK

Leafs Earrings

4.200,00 DKK

Issa Earrings

2.800,00 DKK