Moonlight tales

Join us for a magical time! The moon is ever-changing, orbiting around the Earth, making us look upon it with wonderful joy night after night. From ancient times mankind has worshipped and wondered about this object of curiosity.

Its constant transformations inspired us to make Maanesten’s new winter collection. The lunar phases are not only dramatically beautiful, but they also hold special powers affecting humans, animals, and nature.

The many fascinating shapes and forces of the moon are shown throughout the collection and express our love for this phenomenal powerhouse.

Moonrise Magic

‘Moonrise Magic’ is Maanestens new AW21 collection, with a universe og dripping moons, powerful stones and elegant moths flying in the moonlight. The collection investigates the mystery of the night and the hidden treasures of the dark. It appears understates alluring, gilded, enchanted.

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Goddess Ring Sunstone

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