Dreamcatcher Discover Necklace

Be enchanted by this breathtaking necklace, combined of different charms.

Timeless and beautiful, the pearl represents sincerity. It tells a story of emotions, spontaneity, play, and movement. Combined, it can give you a push in the right direction.

The sun is a sign of light, which brings joy. With its dynamic and open form, it is a symbol of your inner self shining on others. To sum up, it can help you open up and show your true colors.

The scallop is as a symbol a powerful and protecting energy. In many coastal cultures, sailors have worn this talisman as protections. The scallop can give you the courage to break out of your shell and show vulnerability.

Though the snake often gives negative associations, it as a symbol has a calming effect and is said to balance energies. It is a symbol of positive transformation and diplomacy, which can strengthen your ability to understand other people’s emotional condition.

The moon is a humble symbol representing kindness and intelligence. Its reflecting light and wisdom should guide you to discover hidden talents and treasures your personality is hiding.

Material: Sterling silver (925) plated with 18 carats of gold.

Item number: 1212

BUY 110.50 €
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