Dreamcatcher New Earrings

Be enchanted by this stunning earring, composed by different symbols.

Carnelian is a beautiful orange stone, representing endurance. It protects against envy and can give you increased energy, creativity, and empathy.

The spiral symbolizes lives endless journey. It is often seen in nature and represents natural values. As a symbol of nature’s cycle, this talisman represents positive change, ongoing development, and clarity. It helps you create a new perspective.

The flower is a symbol of new life. It’s shape and energy represent youth and fresh beginnings. It’s beauty should remind you of your own, which makes it a talisman used to boost your confidence.

Combined, this trio gives you positive energy and is a reminder of new life and a fresh start.

Material: Sterling Silver (925) plated with 18 carats of gold.

Item number: 1200

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