Dreamcatcher Thoughtful Earrings

Be enchanted by this stunning earring, composed by different symbols.

The aquamarine is an alluring sea blue stone which represents freedom. It eliminates self-destructive thoughts and gives a sense of happiness and ease.

Though the snake often gives negative associations, it as a symbol has a calming effect and is said to balance energies. It is a symbol of positive transformation and diplomacy, which can strengthen your ability to understand other people’s emotional condition.

The seahorse is a true spirit animal, which since the dawn of day has been regarded as a magic and lucky symbol. It can increase your ability to stay focused on yourself and those around you. The seahorse is reminding you of letting down your guards and show vulnerability.

Combined, this trio gives you positive energy and is a reminder of thoughtfulness and attention.

Materials: Sterling silver (925) plated with 18 carats of gold.

Item number: 1206

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